Top 3 Motherboards to Boost Your Gaming Experience

A gaming computer has several essential parts. The quality of each one has a significant impact on how your game runs; allowing them to function together in harmony guarantees you a smooth gaming experience you would definitely enjoy. The secret to making them function well together is giving them a good home – a high-quality gaming motherboard.

The motherboard is responsible for holding all the individual parts of your gaming rig together and allowing each one to communicate with each other. The CPU’s potential speed, the number video cards you can install and the amount of RAM you can slap onto your system can all be limited by your gaming motherboard choice.

best motherboard for gaming

Several gaming motherboards have proven to be useful, but among the bunch, here are the best ones that could boost your gaming experience:

ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K4 ATX Motherboard

The ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K4 ATX Motherboard appears smaller than most mobos, but this unusual size does not compromise its stellar performance.

Made mostly of ASRock Super Alloy, it is home to all the basic slots that every gaming computer needs – including RAM slots that can support up to 3200MHz+, VGA card, cooling, internet, and audio. It supports 6th Generation Intel Core Processors, including the Intel’s latest Skylake processor line – the best one for gaming. This board also comes with a good audio chipset.

With a price range of $150 – $180, this gaming motherboard is a great start for budding gamers who are just starting to understand their gaming preferences and assembling their own rig.

Asus Z170-A Motherboard

Lately, Asus has been offering high-end gaming motherboards that are quite high-priced. But, they also introduced the Asus Z170-A, a gaming motherboard that allows you to enjoy premium features at a significantly lower price tag. The Z170-A also enjoys a collection of I/O that includes USB 3.1 Type-A and Type-C ports. It also has an impressive 32Gbps M.2 port, which plenty of SSD enthusiasts appreciate, and an Intel Gbit Nic.

Needless to say, the Z170 chipset means that it caters to Intel’s current enthusiast flagship line, the Skylake. Complementing the chip are DDR4 slots, which can run at speeds of up to 3200 MHz granted that all the slots are populated. The really alluring aspect of this gaming motherboard, however, is the price, which ranges from $160 – $200 – a great deal for typical gamers who want an improved rig.

Gigabyte GA-Z170-GAMING K3

Gigabyte has plenty of gaming motherboards but this one just ticks the right boxes. It has a Z170 chipset, which, as aforementioned, means that it handles the latest Skylake processors. It also comes with 4 DDR4 DIMM slots that can cater up to 64 GB of RAM, along with 2 PCIe x16 slots, which allows for a 2-way SLI/Crossfire graphics card setup, and an M.2 port.

Having the Z170 chipset also means that just like the other 2 gaming motherboards mentioned, overclocking is possible with the GA-Z170-GAMING K3. It usually retails for roughly $170, but some outlets have it at least $160, which is a pretty sweet deal. Combo it with 16 GB of RAM, an Intel Core i5-6600K processor, a GTX 1070 graphics card and you’ve got yourself an almost maxed out rig.

When choosing a gaming motherboard, it is important to factor in the price, features, and capability of a motherboard to accommodate upgrades in the future. That way, you’ll be able to get the most out of your money.

The Secrets Behind Creating your Own Professional eSports Team

eSports is changing the world. The trends that the industry created have been making it possible for a landslide of job opportunities, changes of trends in the stock market, and the rise to glory of several gamers.Many consider taking part in this promising industry. However, not all of us are given the talent and discipline of becoming a professional player. It takes a lot of time, focus, and strategic skills to master a game, let alone manage your own team. Being a gamer has many hurdles not only personally but also professionally.

Strategy, leadership, and love for the game makes a good professional gaming team. Not everyone is cut out for it, but here are a few basics to help you learn how to create your own esports team:dota-2-tourney

The Four Important Things

As the founder of Natus Vincere, a successful multi-gaming eSports organization based in Ukraine, Alexander Kohanovskyystressed out the four important things he had when he was starting out with the organization. This includes managerial skills, people who know where to get your players, passion for eSports and a decent capital.

Managerial Skills

This is certainly a must for anyone who is starting a professional. In creating your own team, you need to be multitask effectively. You need to scout great players, plan tournament schedules, make sure you qualify, and find potential sponsors. The success of the team rests in the leader’s managerial skills as much as his gaming skills.

People to find you your People

It is a definite advantage if you know someone who knows people who still has a low profile but overwhelmingly good in an eSports game. On top of that, you need to be a good judge of character in the process of selecting the members of your new team. Remember that although many gamers out there are skilled, only a few will be teachable enough to learn from you and the rest of the members of your new team. Remember to not only look for brilliant players but also for teachable ones full of untapped potential.

Passion for eSports

This is important if you want your team not just to succeed, but to last. Look for the ones who do what they do not only to get paid, but because they have a passion for it. People with passion will be self-motivated, driven, and committed. Above all, you will need the commitment to become better each time you are out to compete.

Starting Money

Creating your own eSports professional team is no different from placing an investment. You need money to be able to mobilize yourself to get the things that you need. There are a lot of them such as your players’ salary, practice space and transportation expense during competitions.

Starting your new eSports team can be challenging in many ways. The uncertainties will always be there but if you have the necessary tools for it then the chances will be on your side. Simply enjoy it, always be ready, and reap the gains of the amazing team that you would create.